"Simply Amazing!"


"The funniest show this year!"

"I cried with laughter"


We began life in March 2019, we have quickly become one of North London’s best loved amateur comedy theatre companies.

Our passion is to create brilliantly funny theatre that is both entertaining and challenging.

In 2019 we toured our multi-award winning show ‘The Hound of The Baskervilles’ adaptedby Steven Canny & John Nicholson across the UK throughout April to July.

There are eight of us in the company. Current performers are Mary, Tilak and Imo along with our technical and production team of Dave, Frank, Debbie, David and Charlotte. Although next show we may all swap around!

We have an inclusive way of working where everyone’s ideas are considered and tried out whilst we create our show in pre-production and rehearsal.

We like to keep things fresh and exciting and are always looking to change and improve our performances as we go, to create shows that entertain and delight our audiences.

Why we do it?  Because it’s fun!

We adopt a ‘yes and’ philosophy to our work, and above all we love ‘people pleasers’.

Mutley & Minques x


One of the cast of four is pregnant. In the opening scene of a three hour all singing, all dancing spectacular of Jules Verne’s Around The World In Eighty Days, her waters break, but she is determined to finish the play no matter what.

Can the cast get through this mammoth show in time?

Can they keep it together to play over fifty characters against the clock?

… or will the infighting begin before help arrives?

It’s a race against mother nature, as four actors take on over fifty characters, to tell Jules Verne’s number one classic, in just eighty minutes!


As well as performing, we like to share what we have learned, and our brand new Comedy Play Workshops will be starting in the Spring of 2020.

Don’t worry it’s just a bit of fun!

If you were once a child you already know what to do!

Anyone can come and join in as we dip our toe into comedy improv through play.

Details of times and venues to follow soon.